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Hello lovelies! Today I am sharing my cruelty free makeup routine! This was a highly requested blog post and I am excited to finally post it. I have been cruelty free for almost a year now and it had taken me a little time to find the perfect makeup for me and still keep it cruelty free.

- Knowing your brands ahead of time is a great way to shop quicker for beauty products, but there are times when you have to take the extra mile to browse through the aisles looking at the packages to find the CF. 

I think it is extremely important that we try and adjust our lives to at least help in advocating that testing on animals, using harsh chemicals on them is not okay. You wouldn't do that to your pet, why should any other animals be any different? 

(Full Face Using All Products Below)

#1. Foundation - This changed my world.  I absolutely love the Wet N Wild Photo Focus + the shade I use is porcelain. My skin tone is uneven and this foundation covers any imperfections and it feels so light on my skin. Plus this drug store brand is super affordable!

#2. Concealer - I had to pick up the Wet N Wild Photo Focus concealer as well! I am in the shade light ivory. This gives me amazing coverage under the eyes and makes me look so much more awake!

#3. Contour - Oldie, but goodie! I have used the Tarte - Amazonian Clay Matte Bronzer - Park Ave Princess .. forever ! I had been using it years ago, tried different brands and went back to this beauty. It's extremely natural looking which is the look I try and go for on my face (more dramatic on the eyes). It is on the pricier side, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't spend $$ occasionally on good products.

#4. Rosy Cheeks - The Balm - Balm Springs Blush is my favorite. I love a nice rose color for the apple of my cheeks.

#5. Eyes - I start out with my The Balm - Meet Matt(e) Trimony palette and use the shade Matt Moskowitz in my crease + then I use The Balm Voyage II palette and use the shade Kuwakaribisha (also a luminizer.) under my brow bone + on my lid.

#6. Liner - I started using the Eyeko Skinny Liquid and fell in love. The liner is super easy to use and you can create any line you want from thin to thick + it's very controllable.

#7. Mascara - Almay One Coat Get Up + Grow Extreme Length - omgosh is the best! My lashes are long to begin with, but this mascara makes them stand out like no other! I love the wand + I honestly don't think I'll be changing mascaras anytime soon. I'm so picky when it comes to mascara + I finally found the one I love!

#8. Lips - Pacifica (my #1 favorite cruelty free brand out there) I own so much from this company and I seriously love that they expanded. I always recommend this brand to everyone I know! I've mentioned this lipstick in my Top 5 Pacifica Products Post + so of course I had to include it in my daily cruelty free makeup routine. I use the shade Nudie Red. There is no longer any place that carries this particular lipstick shade. The closest shades I could find are from the Pacifica Devocean Natural Lipstick Collection - in the shades Tenderness and XOX.

I hope this helped with all makeup needs. If you have any questions, please leave a comment or shoot me a message on my social media accounts. I am no expert in makeup, but I am always here to help and I do know a thing or two.

Tell me what are your favorite go to makeup products?

If you have any blog post requests, please comment below :)

Also, I will be doing another giveaway on this blog either at the end of the month or in September. Stay tuned!

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