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Hello lovelies! This may be a long blog post .. but I have a list of Eco Friendly items at the bottom of this post, so please don't forget to check them out. I wanted to make this post because I get asked about Eco-Friendly products that aren't an arm and a leg. I don't know about you, but I don't have many arms and legs to give out all the time. I thought I would give a little guide to being Eco Friendly on a budget + also give a list a products you can buy for a little cost for those who don't make DIY products.

First I'm going to give some tips on being Eco Friendly using a budget..

#1. Cook from scratch. (I can already hear the sighs.) Whenever I tell people this, the first thing they say is "it's too expensive" or "I don't have time." Ah the time word. We all are busy, very few are sitting around all day eating bon bons watching re-runs of Friends. I work in an Emergency Room at night + I go to college full time during the day for Pre-Med. So telling me, I don't have time .. isn't going to be a good enough excuse. You make time in your life for the things you want to do. Also, it's not too expensive. Buying fresh vegetables, fruits, grains, etc .. it's not going to break the bank. Buying things that are already made for you (or boxed items,) will however hurt your wallet. (also, look for sale items.) You could also grow your own food.

#2. End Food Waste. You save money by not throwing out the food you just spent money on. Don't buy excessive amounts of food that will end up going bad fast. Only buy what you need for a week or two. Left overs are a wonderful thing as well because you don't have to make or buy lunch for the next day.

#3. Fix broken items, don't just throw them out + buy a new item. (if they are fixable.) 

#4.  Unplug everything. I always unplug the appliances in my house whenever I am done with them. It saves a lot of $$.

#5. Ditch disposable items. Paper plates, utensils + cups are a waste of money. It may be easier than to wash the items every time, but you end up saving a lot at the end of the year.

#6. Opt for reusable. (I talk about my Udo tooth brushes below.) Reusable shopping bags are also another great way to be Eco Friendly.

#7. Shorten Showers. I remember getting yelled at about this one when I was younger. 

#8. Go paperless - I use the internet now for all of my bills. It saves money in stamps + saves money for everyone who is involved in sending those bills out including the paper companies. 

I have a ton of products listed below for you that I use personally and I love! I buy most of my items from Grove Collaborative because they always have items discounted! These products are biodegradable, gluten free, cruelty free, vegan, etc.

Also, I have a special link for all my reader..


Mrs. Meyers Multi Surface Cleaner -16 oz - $3.89
(I use the scent lavender, but you can pick from 7/8 scents.)

 Mrs. Meyers Dish Soap - 16 oz - $3.89
(Lavender as well - pick from 7/8 scents.)

Mrs. Meyers Hand Soap - 12.5 oz - $3.89
(I use the scent basil (love it) - pick from 7/8 scents.)

Mrs. Meyers Hand Lotion - 12 oz - $4.99
(Lavender as well - pick from 7/8 scents.)

Method Toilet Cleaner  - 24 oz - $4.99
(only one scent - spearmint.) 

Method Antibacterial Bathroom Cleaner  - 28 oz - $3.95
(only one scent - spearmint.) 

Method Wood Floor Cleaner - 28 oz - $5.99
(only one scent - almond.)

Method Daily Wood Cleaner - 28 oz - $5.89
(only one scent - almond.)

Method Glass Cleaner - 28 oz - $3.99
(Two Scents : Mint + Waterfall, I use Mint.)

Walnut Scrubber Sponges - (2) $3.95

Green Forest Facial Tissues (175 tissues) $2.42
OR Seventh Generation Tissues (85 tissues cube) $1.99

Seventh Generation Laundry Detergent (33 loads) 50 oz - $9.79
(l use the scent blue eucalyptus + lavender, it also comes in free + clear.)

Method Fabric Softener (45 loads) $6.49
(I use the scent beach sage - there's also ginger mango)

Glass Spray Bottle - 16 oz - $8.95

... I have two other products I use that I don't purchase from Grove Collaborative.

There's two products I want to mention real quick that I don't buy off this website. 

- my toothpaste which is from Hello - (in sweet mint)
Cruelty Free, Paraben Free, Gluten Free, Etc! Only $4.99

+ my toothbrush from Udo. You can buy a pack of 4 on their website.
($14.00 for 4 brushes = $3.50 per tooth brush) I literally love this toothbrush!
It's biodegradable, soft bristles, and when you buy a toothbrush either a person in need gets a free toothbrush OR they get free meals. I think that's a wonderful thing.

 Something so small, can make such a big difference! I am not telling everyone to go out and buy ALL Eco friendly items, but if you purchase a few here + there or whatever you're comfortable with you are helping the environment that we all live in.

Thanks so much for reading ! Do you have any products you like to use that are Eco Friendly? Are you interested in trying any of these products?!

(PS. I am thinking about maybe giving some of these products away .. would you be interested?!)


Disclaimer: Any recommendations are based on personal, not professional, opinion only. I have recently joined Amazon to help bring you all of the products I mention in this blog post. By buying from any of those links I get a small commission (without this affecting the price you pay for it) – this helps to keep my blog running + also helps to be able to continue to do giveaways… Please see my disclosure policy for more info.

Hello lovelies! Today I am sharing my cruelty free makeup routine! This was a highly requested blog post and I am excited to finally post it. I have been cruelty free for almost a year now and it had taken me a little time to find the perfect makeup for me and still keep it cruelty free.

- Knowing your brands ahead of time is a great way to shop quicker for beauty products, but there are times when you have to take the extra mile to browse through the aisles looking at the packages to find the CF. 

I think it is extremely important that we try and adjust our lives to at least help in advocating that testing on animals, using harsh chemicals on them is not okay. You wouldn't do that to your pet, why should any other animals be any different? 

(Full Face Using All Products Below)

#1. Foundation - This changed my world.  I absolutely love the Wet N Wild Photo Focus + the shade I use is porcelain. My skin tone is uneven and this foundation covers any imperfections and it feels so light on my skin. Plus this drug store brand is super affordable!

#2. Concealer - I had to pick up the Wet N Wild Photo Focus concealer as well! I am in the shade light ivory. This gives me amazing coverage under the eyes and makes me look so much more awake!

#3. Contour - Oldie, but goodie! I have used the Tarte - Amazonian Clay Matte Bronzer - Park Ave Princess .. forever ! I had been using it years ago, tried different brands and went back to this beauty. It's extremely natural looking which is the look I try and go for on my face (more dramatic on the eyes). It is on the pricier side, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't spend $$ occasionally on good products.

#4. Rosy Cheeks - The Balm - Balm Springs Blush is my favorite. I love a nice rose color for the apple of my cheeks.

#5. Eyes - I start out with my The Balm - Meet Matt(e) Trimony palette and use the shade Matt Moskowitz in my crease + then I use The Balm Voyage II palette and use the shade Kuwakaribisha (also a luminizer.) under my brow bone + on my lid.

#6. Liner - I started using the Eyeko Skinny Liquid and fell in love. The liner is super easy to use and you can create any line you want from thin to thick + it's very controllable.

#7. Mascara - Almay One Coat Get Up + Grow Extreme Length - omgosh is the best! My lashes are long to begin with, but this mascara makes them stand out like no other! I love the wand + I honestly don't think I'll be changing mascaras anytime soon. I'm so picky when it comes to mascara + I finally found the one I love!

#8. Lips - Pacifica (my #1 favorite cruelty free brand out there) I own so much from this company and I seriously love that they expanded. I always recommend this brand to everyone I know! I've mentioned this lipstick in my Top 5 Pacifica Products Post + so of course I had to include it in my daily cruelty free makeup routine. I use the shade Nudie Red. There is no longer any place that carries this particular lipstick shade. The closest shades I could find are from the Pacifica Devocean Natural Lipstick Collection - in the shades Tenderness and XOX.

I hope this helped with all makeup needs. If you have any questions, please leave a comment or shoot me a message on my social media accounts. I am no expert in makeup, but I am always here to help and I do know a thing or two.

Tell me what are your favorite go to makeup products?

If you have any blog post requests, please comment below :)

Also, I will be doing another giveaway on this blog either at the end of the month or in September. Stay tuned!


Hello lovelies! This post was going to be up much earlier, however I didn't expect the class I am currently taking at Uni to be as demanding as it has been. 😑 I have two weeks left and then I will be off for a month, so please be patient with me 💜 

Today's post is all about meeting your goals and how I have come up with ways to successfully do that! My schedule is very busy as I am sure a lot of my reader's schedules are packed as well. In order for me to stay on top of things and achieve what I'd like to in a day, week, month, and year, I aim to stay organized and focused by using these methods below.

- I have a FREE printable at the end of this post to help you stay organized with your goals 😌 -


That leads me to my first tip..

#1. Writing your goals down is a great way to remind yourself of what you'd like to accomplish (many of us know this.) What I have found is that when you write down monthly or yearly goals, almost none of those goals are accomplished because it is too much on your plate. Instead of writing monthly goals, I write out weekly goals and then break them down into daily goals.  

- For example : I know I have to pay my bills (which I have a separate organization for paying bills if you'd like to know how I do that, comment below 🙋), finish assignments, and take my car in to have an oil change in that week .. I will break them down into when the assignment is due (what day I should be focused on finishing it,) what day I can bring my car in that doesn't interfere with work or class, and in between take time out from a day to pay bills that are due around that time period.

#2. The easiest way to make sure all of your goals are being accomplished is by breaking them down into categories. The categories I use are personal, blog, and job/school. I work in an ER so I have a different work schedule every week which I know a month in advanced. This makes it easy to plan around my work. Anything with school as I mentioned I will write down each day what I need to accomplish for assignments/exams. Anything personal such as doctor's appointments, bills, cleaning, exercise, friends, etc.. I write down in that category and finally I list anything I need to do for my blog under that category. 

* You can add as many categories as you'd like, remember that goal lists are to fit your lifestyle, not anyone's lifestyle.

#3. Be realistic. Don't list a million things for you to do in a week. Breaking them down to a week and daily goals is so you do not become overwhelmed and when you look back at the end of the month, your monthly goals will have been completed. 

#4. For personal goals, try and add things that you would like to accomplish for YOURSELF. Meaning, maybe you'd like to eat more veggies in that week or drink more water. Perhaps you want to eat less sweets or lose 5 pounds. You will see such a difference from getting up every morning and planning to eat 5 servings of veggies, instead of writing a month goal of eating more veggies. Do this consistently and it soon becomes a habit. 

#5.Set a time limit. This method can be used for any of your categories. Also, give yourself a little more time on each goal rather than the time you estimate it to be completed and then move onto the next goal. Make sure you are writing down what you NEED to do first before what you WANT to do. This is very important. 
 (my petite Daniel Wellington watch  - absolutely love it!)

#6. Multi-tasking is your best friend if done correctly. Do not place 20 things in front of you and try completing them all at once. What you do want to do is before sitting down to complete an assignment or write out your bills, throw a load of laundry on. It seems obvious, but sometime we don't think of the extra things that have to be done where we don't need to make a space in our day for it to be done, it can join in with another task. 

#7. Celebrate meeting your goals ! It's important to acknowledge yourself achieving those goals whether big or small. Sit back at the end of the day and pat yourself on the back. Never beat yourself up either for not accomplishing something during that day. It's okay to have days where we do absolutely nothing lol. It's quite nice actually. When that happens, just tell yourself I needed a relax day.


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+++ Easy Guide To Web Hosting HERE 📔

As always thank you for supporting my blog ! Please leave any comments below if you have any tips for goal setting 💜 

Easy Guide To Web Hosting AND My List Of Cheap Web Hosts + Domains

I'm going to first start by breaking a few things down:

What is web hosting? Hosting a website means that you are making a website available to the public worldwide. In order to make your website available on the internet, you have to store it on a computer called a web server (which is where your pages of your website are stored.)

What is a web host? A person or company who owns a sever and rents out web space for website hosting. (this is also where you can buy your domain, or email service.)

Now that i have explained a few things, here are the things you will need to know about web hosting:

What do you get with web hosting? 

- Bandwidth = the amount of data that a website can transfer over a period of time, so it is what your host allows you and your visitors to upload and download within a given month. It determines the speed of your website, so more bandwidth = more speed.

- Programming Services = the website hosting packages also let you create web pages with programming languages including HTML,PHP, ASP, as well as databases.

- Uptime = the percentage of time that a hosting server stays up and running.  The very lowest uptime your hosting company should guaratee is 99.9% (at 99.5% there is an average of 3.5 hours downtime per month + at 99.9% there is an average of 40 minutes downtime per month; in other words .. that small difference makes a huge difference.)

- Customer Service = support options provided through chat, phone, and email. This is extremely useful in the event of any technicial or other problems related to your website.

- Disk Space = the amount of storage provided by a web hosting provider, it's needed to store web files composed of text, images, video, audio, etc. Disk space is measured in megabytes. You should make sure you have a plan that offers you at least 20% more space than you're currently using or plan to use (this will give you room to grow.) For Example: 10 MB (megabytes) = 100 web pages.

Tip : Always make sure to have a site back up and I also, I always look for hosting where I can have multiple domains and sub domains.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something. Please check out our disclosure policy for more details.

#1. Fat Cow - I wanted to share this offer with you because it is pretty amazing. Right now Fat Cow (yes interesting name) has a deal going on which ends soon .. for only $3.15/mo (65% off their original price) you get unlimited bandwidth, unlimited mailboxes, unlimited disk space, unlimited web hosting, a FREE domain name (i paid for mine), free web design, and more. Whaaaaat. That deal is INSANE!! Click here for the limited time offer.

Host Word Press: yes

#2. Liquid Web - This host is a little more expensive than the other sites, but they offer so much! From hosting to backup, security, and network services, plus much more. I highly recommend this site if you're looking for a lot of space to grow your blog/website!

Get 33% off  3 months of word press hosting here

 #3. IPage - The first thing that caught my eye about this web host is that they are Eco-friendly. Winner in my book! Not only are they Eco-friendly but they are awesome and have amazing deals and offers. If you sign up today as a new member, you'll receive 75% off (which makes it $1.99/mo) web hosting plus a FREE domain name. + free Word Press tools. Again, I say whaaaat. Click here for the offer.

#4. Blue Host - Ok Ok Ok, this web host is the mother of all for word press. For $3.95/mo (which is regularly $7.99,) you receive a FREE domain, FREE site builders, 1-click word press install (yes, this is why it is so awesome for word press because it makes it so much easier for you,) and 24/7 online support (incredibly important.) Do not miss out if you are planning on using word press or even if you aren't. Click here to get the $3.95 price.

#5. Site ground - This is a great web host site with outstanding deals. The starting amount is $3.95/mo for one website and 10,000 monthly visitors, plus you receive all essential features. For a little more, at $5.95/mo you'll receive multiple websites and premium features. You cannot beat that! PLUS, you have the option of a 30 day free trial to see if you even like it or not! Check this site out here.

Web Hosting

 #6. 1&1 -Best Deal Ever!!! I repeat BEST DEAL EVER! $0.99/mo for an entire year! Am I kidding you ?! NOPE! Amazing storage, a free domain, a website, 500 email accounts (woah!), and much more! Sign up today here.

#7. Host Gator - My last deal I could find for everyone! This website offers a few different things than the other sites. Google Ads are included as well as yahoo. You have options for Word Press hosting, Cloud hosting, and Web hosting. It is $3.95/mo which is super cheap :) Click here if you're interested!

I hope everyone enjoyed this post ! If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below :) What host are you using? Are there any you'd recommend? 


Hello lovelies! Have you ever joined something new and felt confused, maybe lost, and there weren't really other people helping you? I think we have all felt that way at some point with different things in our lives. I felt this way when I started joining Facebook groups. Part of me thinks it was just the groups that I had joined but, I know there were times I had no idea what I was doing. I am here today to help you with Facebook groups 😀. You may already know a few of these things already. If you are new to blogging, I hope I can avoid you feeling the way that I did. I wasn't new to blogging but I was new  to the groups because when I started blogging many years ago they did not have Facebook groups.

Lets jump right in ..

#1. Don't let other people be rude to you and please don't be rude to others. I remember joining a Facebook group and this is when I did not know about certain rules with different threads. I understand if someone does not follow those rules and you have to correct them, but please do it nicely 💕. I didn't even know that there were rules in the side bar on the group (tip.) No, I am not joking. You cannot expect everyone to know right away how Facebook groups work .. and you do not know if it is their first group they are joining. I stopped participating in those groups who were rude to me.

#2. So now that you know there are different rules to different Facebook groups, make sure you read them and respect them. You can end up being deleted from that thread or group. If you do have any questions about the rules or do not understand them, you can contact the admin of that group OR ask someone else in the group. (you can always contact me as well and I can try to help you!)

#3. Some threads require you to remove your preview on the thread. In order to do so follow these instructions:
- You can click the x on the preview if you are on the computer.
- If you are using your mobile device, you can simply erase the http in your link or delete one letter of your post. By editing your post, it'll remove the preview. (below is an example of my preview)

#4. Don't only join a group to just promote yourself. These threads are built to support each other, share each other's work and make new friends who share the same interests or even different interests. When everyone is participating in the thread and follows everyone including you but you do not follow anyone back, that's wrong. If you feel you can't follow everyone or you simply do not want to, you can join groups that don't require you to. There are groups I have listed below that only require you to follow a few people, but please do not be that person who doesn't follow anyone.

#5. Don't lie (seems silly right.) But this happens and it makes me want to scream. People will post a promo on a group's wall (make sure it's okay first) about how they have millions of views and want people to join their course which they are charging a lot for, when they don't actually have that credibility at all... People can see through that and you will end up with less viewers. So make sure you are legitimately telling the truth. It is not right to advertise false information and then have someone pay for it. . some people don't realize it's a bunch of hooey and they end up wasting their money (which makes me upset seeing.)

#6. Make sure when you are participating in a Pinterest thread that your pins are vertical. (if you need any help with these, please ask me!)

#7. Respond to people. Now this can become tricky especially if you do belong to several groups and your Facebook notifications are going a mile a minute. You may miss someone responding to your post on a thread,  but please try to look back to see if anyone has responded. It does not have to be right away as we are all busy but, it should be within a day.

#8. Which brings me to my next thing, Engage. Don't just promote your social media accounts and blog or a new business adventure. There are lots of threads in the groups below that have more than just promoting. Talk to people, find others in your area, collaborate. Blogging is not just business (although unforuntately it has been that way for a few years now, I plan on bringing back the old blogging with my blog that I once started with,) blogging is also a place to have fun, enjoy yourself, do what you love doing and teach others new things.

#9. Don't promote the same thing on multiple group's walls within the same time period (again check to see if you can post on their walls.) It honestly looks like you're self-serving.

#10. This is my last tip and I'd consider this an all around tip to not only Facebook groups but, also blogging. Don't go into this for the money and don't post on walls of Facebook groups telling people you'd like to make money out of creating a blog and how to get started. I miss the old blogging world filled with (live journal, blogger, etc) before word press and all that jazz, you know ..  when there were "dollz" to be made lmao. Good times. Anyway, the old blogging world wasn't focused on how to make money off of everything and selling their content to you. "You want to know how to make a million dollars in a month, sign up now for my course which will be $599.00" Really? Yes, I get it, we don't work for free and we shouldn't, and I don't either. I charge for things too but, not $500.00 for something you can google. I like to remain an "oldfashionedheart," I buy all of my giveaway prizes and I invest my own money into products to show you and review. I also like to keep it old school and show you content that you'll get knowledge from on maybe things you didn't know. Sorry but I won't be doing a post on the same lipstick every other blogger is posting about. Sorry for the rant, but bottom line, don't come into this looking to become a famous millionaire. Do it because you love doing it.


#1. The Busy Bloggers
Members: 20 (and i'm very proud)
Of course I have to list my group(s)! Even though I just started them and they are so very tiny. But, that is okay because I am very proud that I have already gained 20 members and I appreciate those who are interested in joining! I started this group because I myself just like everyone else is very busy with their daily lives and the fact that we dedicate time to blogging and social media is amazing. Not everyone can juggle a blog + their personal lives! So I thought it would be a great idea to make a group where we can come together + support one another. This group has threads where you can share your social media accounts + your blogs but also I will be doing threads with giveaways and a lot of engaging!


#2. Beast'n Beauties
 Members: 22 (again I am proud)
This is my second Facebook group. You are probably wondering why I created two separate groups. That is a good question! I created another group because my first group is only for bloggers and those who want to become bloggers. However, I know a lot of people who have businesses online and they do not have a blog. So, I decided to make a separate group for female entrepreneurs. This group is also open for bloggers and those who are thinking of starting a blog or business. I think it is so important that women support one another. There is enough sunshine for everyone! We don't have to kick each other down just to make it to the top because trust me that is the last thing you want to do. This group is all about getting your blog + business out there and helping each other grow.


#3.  Lovely Bloggers
Janett is the admin to this lovely facebook group. She is also the owner of Lifestyle Inspire Blog.
Her group layout is very clean and elegant which I love. The threads are not only posting your links but also engaging which is perfect. Here is her lineup for the week.
-Monday - Share Your Latest Blog Post
-Tuesday - Share Your Favorite Social Media
-Wednesday - Engage + Collaborate
-Thursday - Give Blogging Tips + Advice
-Friday - Share Whatever You Want


#4. Blog While You 9-5
Members: 1,227
Jacke is the admin of this group. She has a blog course that you can take as well here.
Her rules are super fair and I just love participating in the daily threads.


#5. Bloggers Supporting Bloggers
Members: 20,757
Allie is the admin of this group and wow she does an awesome job. She also has a blog called Allies Fashion Alley. I highly recommend joining this group. It is a huge group but, you only have to engage with 5 other members and not everyone in the post so it isn't overwhelming (although i always encourage everyone to engage more.) Right now these are her posts for the week plus she always posts extra.
- Monday - Recent Post Thread
-Tuesday - Facebook
-Wednesday - Different Thread Every Week 
-Thursday - Twitter
-Friday - Instagram
-Saturday - Different Thread Every Week
-Sunday -Blogger Of The Week (YES how awesome is that?!)


#6. Blogging 101
Members: 13,525
Nicole is the admin for this big group. Her blog is Uniquely Women (which I love.)  The group rules are again very fair. Everyone in the group is super friendly too! Here is her weekly round up.
-Monday - Set Your Goals
-Tuesday - Promo
-Wednesday - Social Media Shares/Collaborate
-Thursday -  Feedback
-Friday - Social Media Link Party
-Saturday - Share + Care


 #7. Pinning Ain't Easy
Members: 2,424
I love this group! Jenn is the admin + blogger of Mamma's Hustle. I love her rules and how she runs her posts. Every single post is basically where you have to follow/like every member that commented on that post. Which is great because you end up getting a lot of people supporting you! It does take a while to do BUT she gives you until the next day (sometimes two days.) Sometimes it can be frustrating if someone doesn't follow the rules though so make sure you are willing to follow people back and not just post your link and walk away (which you should not be doing in the first place.)


#8. Blog + Biz Babes
Members: 1,214
The admin of this group is Laura (love the name 💕) She is the writer of By Laura Iancu and she has a great course for new bloggers which you can find here. The group is a little different because it isn't just posting your links and following others. It is a lot of engagement with other bloggers on different subjects which I love! You really get to meet great people that way. Here is her weekly lineup.
 -Monday - Goals
-Tuesday - Help
-Wednesday - Collaboration
-Thursday - Feedback
-Friday - Promo
-Saturday - Celebration
-Sunday - Social Media

#9. The Blogging Connection
The admin of this group is Erin. She runs the blog Sincerely Erin xoxo. I love this group because the threads are constantly changing. The rules to her group are very fair and the other bloggers are super nice! Plus everything is PINK! 💕

 #10. New Bloggers Support Group
There are two admins to this group: Geneva and Lisa. This group is awesome! You do not just have one thread a day to participate in, there are multiple! Both of the admins are extremely pleasant too! Here is there weekly lineup.
-Monday - Pinterest, Bloglovin, Blog Post
-Tuesday - Facebook Page, Instagram, Blog Post, YouTube
-Wednesday - Twitter, YouTube/Google +, Blog Post, Share Resources
-Thursday - Facebook Post, Blog Post, YouTube, Ask For Help, Pinterest
-Friday - Collaborations, General Questions,Share Your Wins, Pinterest.
-Saturday - Social Saturday

Thank you so much for reading this very long post! I hope this helped you out and if you have any questions at all or would like to add things  to my list, please comment below! Also, I have 5 more Facebook groups listed in my newsletter. To find out what they are, just fill out this form! ⟱

25 Questions About Food

As I was searching for a blogger tag so that you could get to know me a little more (which I still will be doing) I stumbled upon a food tag and thought THIS IS ME. I mean I really should have been a food. LOL just kidding but, food is one of my biggest loves in life. I love traveling around the world and tasting new and different foods. I also love baking (could not live without it!) 

So here it is .. the 25 food questions tag !

#1: What is your favorite breakfast?
I always switch my breakfast up because I never like having the same thing all the time. Right now I am loving a nice egg (over easy) and an avocado with some chipotle (spicy) salsa on the side! It fills me up for the morning and gives me lots of energy! (which i definitely need because 8am classes in the summer are NOT easy!)

#2: How do you drink your coffee?
Well I will tell you how I don't drink it .. DECAF. I just do not know HOW anyone does! Hehe on a serious note .. I drink my coffee with almond milk and I like my coffee STRONG!

#3. What is your favorite sandwich?
Hmm I don't eat them often .. I would probably go with a veggie sandwich, something with pesto on it for sure! 

#4. Soup or Salad?
Woah I have to choose?! I love a  good salad with arugula and mushrooms (I can already hear people saying ew gross.) I definitely also love some warm butternut squash soup or tomato basil :) yummmm.

#5.Name your favorite cook book.
Pinterest ... Seriously I get all of my recipes from there! I do use a few actual cook books too but they aren't my favorite.

#6. Ban sugar or salt?
This is difficult .. I would say salt. I love baking and I could not live without the sweets.

#7. Which cuisine is your favorite?
SPICY!!! Mexican and Indian 100%. I do love Greek and Vietnamese food too! 

#8.What is your favorite food movie? 
 Julie & Julia

#9.What is your guilty pleasure?

#10.Where do you get your inspiration?
From all over .. magazines, pinterest, youtube, bloggers + instagram.

#11.Home cooking or going out to eat?
Home cooking = the best.

#12.High end or low profile?
Low profile.

#13. What is your favorite restaurant?
I have so many. This Colombian restaurant near me though takes the top!

#14.Where do you buy your groceries?
Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, Farmers Markets, Aldi + ShopRite.
#15.What is the best food you ever had?
Easy. Pizza and Pasta in Italy!

#16.What is your favorite cocktail?
I don't drink.

#17. Would you rather drink a cup of coffee with George Clooney or Heston Blumenthal?
Heston Blumenthal because he is a chef and we can talk about food.

#18. What object in your kitchen can you not live without?
My baking mixer.

#19. What is your favorite snack?
I usually like having raw carrots and broccoli.

#20.What's on your pizza?
Pineapple and jalapenos.

#21.Is there something you really do not like?
Red Meat.  

#22.What is your favorite food blog?
I like so many food blogs it's hard to choose one!

#23.What is the weirdest thing you have eaten?
I cannot think of anything right now that I thought was weird.

#24.Do you have a food bucket list?
I would like to continue to taste many foods from different countries IN those countries.

#25.What food couldn't you live without?
Vegetables. I just could not live without them. 

.. That about wraps up this food tag. I tag anyone who is reading this post to do the food tag! Please leave me a comment below with your link if you choose to do so! I'd love to know .. What is your favorite food?

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